PROJECTS – 2019-2021

Family Planning We at IHA, In collaboration with Marie Stopes International, organized  Family Planning Camps (FPC) in four rural communities to provide family planning services  and cervical cancer  screening. Approximately 1000 women and 100 men attended the “camps”.  Some 20% of the women had serious infections such that they could not be screened for cancer.   Funds for treatment were immediately sent.

Family Planning – July 2019

Microloans – IHA continues a commitment to empower women and support healthy rural communities through its micro loan program.  Five new micro loan groups were funded in Paya (approximately 10 women per group). Three new groups were also funded in Nanwasenga, bringing the total number of groups in the community to ten.   Currently, IHA  supports some 46 active, women-managed micro loan groups.

IHA personnel visited the Menya School in Iganga district. The director had attempted for one and a half years to get volunteers to visit. After visiting, experiencing the director’s dedication, and seeing the needs of the children, IHA made plans to to support the school.

Old School

New Classrooms