Learn about our varied projects in Uganda!


Even with the pandemic, our Kampala based coordinator is keeping our humanitarian efforts rolling.   And we are working to have additional microloan funding in time for planting.   Please help!   New for May is this website — under major enhancement.  Please stop back for new content as it’s added throughout the month.


Womens Health / Family Planning – IHA, In collaboration with Marie Stopes International, organized  Family Planning Camps (FPC) in four rural communities to provide family planning services  and cervical cancer  screening.  Approximately 1000 women and 100 men attended the “camps”.  Some 20% of the women had serious infections so they could not be screened for cancer.  Funds for treatment were immediately sent.

Microloan funded pig raising

Micro Loans – IHA continues a commitment to empower women and support healthy rural communities through its micro loan program.  Five new micro loan groups were funded in Paya (approximately 10 women per group). Three new groups were also funded in Nanwasenga, bringing the total number of groups in the community to ten.   Currently, IHA  supports some 43 active, women-managed micro loan groups.


The following projects were accomplished :

  1.  Solar power was installed at the Victory Primary School, Iganga District.
  2. Health seminars and  hygiene kits were provided to girls at several schools.  150 washable pads, so girls can stay in school.
  3. The on-going status of IHA’s micro loan program was reviewed with community participants at each site.
  4. The RPI education server system (see below, also Solar Power / Education)  was inspected at several schools.  New servers were installed and hardware updates provided.   And new tablets!

Planning for Education, Health, and Infrastructure – IHA volunteers have made significant improvements with it’s RPI educational server based on the Raspberry PI 3.  A power down module was developed which will protect the system from a sudden power loss and allowing one button operation.   Plans are to install the system at 10 to 15 rural schools.

New RPI Education Server and Tablet

IHA continues to work with OVIVO Water, an international water company, to tackle the issue of fecal sludge waste management particularly in rural communities.  A promising partial solution is to mix the sludge with biodegradable waste and produce fuel briquettes.

Some of our projects from 10 years ago:

Children’s Health Seminars – Provided public health seminars to over 600 children. Seminars covered the importance of hand washing and dental hygiene. The seminars were conducted in conjunction with the women’s health seminars.

Glasses enable reading

Eye Glass Project – Eye testing was conducted for approximately 1000 individuals and approximately 800 pairs of glasses were distributed.  This was repeated a few years back – thank you Rotary Salt Lake for collecting used eye glasses – reuse in action!

Sewing Machine Project – Provided manual sewing machines to three women’s groups and left funds for the purchase of two more. In return, the women agreed to help sew uniforms for schools and orphanages in their area and make hygiene kits.




We are a non-profit providing key humanitarian assistance and also by promoting self-sustaining education in rural African schools and among associated womens groups.