Why IHA?

Our original focus was support to orphans and vulnerable children often living in community run orphanages.  We at IHA helped construct orphanages and recycled basic education materials  such as books and serviceable computers into Uganda.  But, a better way surfaced.

Realizing that many if not most rural Ugandan households also care for orphans, we moved toward projects that would address the needs of families and children, including orphans who may be living with extended family members or in school based orphanages. Focusing on students and their families and other caregivers,  IHA supports learning, livelihoods, fuelwood conservation and access to clean water and reproductive health services.

IHA leverages in-kind and cash resources from the U.S. to respond to the prioritized needs and interests of 6 communities in the Tororo, Iganga, Wakiso and Masaka Districts.

In-kind resources include new and decommissioned solar panels, new and used tablets, laptop computers and volunteers skills.  Cash donations are used to fund micro loans for women’s groups, water pumps for wells that are sited and dug by community members, complete construction of classrooms, installation of solar power in classrooms and clinics, and assist with Family Planning and Environmental Conservation services.

We, the Interethnic Health Alliance, aim to help children and women by:

  • Providing educational servers, tablets, and materials to rural schools that have orphans
  • Providing  funds for water wells
  • Providing micro loans to women’s groups across the country
  • Providing solar electricity for lighting and learning, to rural schools
  • Promoting self-sufficiency including STEM day learning

We are an all volunteer organization in the U.S. and with a lean staff in the field, IHA’s administrative costs are minimal in the U.S. and Uganda. 

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Learning about the lives and aspirations of Uganda’s rural people, their access to education, health and livelihoods and advocating for ways to connect them to ideas, resources and opportunities to improve their communities.
  • Raise awareness of the plight of children on our planet
  • Become a part of our organization
  • Today,  make a donation
  • Donate a tablet or computer
  • Join us on a mission to our project areas

2018 IHA Team at an Islamic School