Solar Power / Education

IHA has installed solar power in some 18 rural schools, two clinics and a hospital.  Solar powered refrigerators were also installed in two clinics.  Laptop computers and yet more of our proprietary Raspberry PI servers with fail safe electronics are in action.  This enables students via computers and tablets to access the KA Lite and Rachael education software. These have been installed in numerous rural schools.  The RPI servers create their own internet and WiFi, running on 12 volts of solar power and are single button start-up.  Designed and developed by our in-house engineer.

John Shavers showing solar charging for lighting in rural schools – we impower!

 Please help us to empower the next generation!         





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We are a non-profit providing key humanitarian assistance and also by promoting self-sustaining education in rural African schools and among associated womens groups.