Winter 2020 – During Covid-19, our work is critically important! 

To help mitigate the impact of COVID 19, Interethnic Health Alliance  (IHA) has been able to provide food staples to 550 families who participate in our micro-loan programs.  We  also streamlined and accelerated the 2020 / 2021 Microloan program to ensure that groups have the funding to start or restart their enterprises as soon as they can.  Providing emergency funding for food has also been a priority for IHA during this difficult time.
Please learn more by exploring our page on “Family/Womens Health” to learn of  important projects in this area.

Microloans Build Community


Since 2010, IHA has provided microloans  to support women-managed enterprises.   Starting with just one loan in in 2010, we are currently supporting some 43 groups engaged in various profitable businesses.  Learn more on our Microloan page.    <- Please Click!

2019 New Microloans group

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