In order  to continue our assistance in combating  the rapid deforestation occurring in Uganda and to provide more sources of food, IHA is providing five tree and plant seedlings to  families in its micro loan program.  Approximately 700 seedlings; banana, neem, mango, paya, have been donated so far and IHA hopes to provide approximately 2000.

2019 Tree Planting

2016 – IHA reinitiated a tree program by facilitating the planting of approximately 200 trees at three primary schools in the West Nile region.  A number of the trees planted before didn’t survive a drought.  Various types of trees were then chosen, including banana varieties (matooke, sweet), other fruits (mangoes, jack fruit, avocado), and hard wood varieties (grivaria, teak, and ficus).

Every tree starts small!

Past environmental projects of note:  

Conservation Program   ViviLnkDuring the spring 2013 humanitarian trip,  IHA volunteers met with 15 members of the Buyaga community and discussed a project in which families would plant five trees periodically, when they collect firewood.  Two weeks later, some 60 community members met with a Uganda forest ranger to discuss the project.  A Forest Keepers Association was  formalized.