Family / Womens Health


In response to significant interest and requests from women IHA , in collaboration with Marie Stopes Uganda, is now providing  family planning and cervical cancer screening services, along with related health formation, to four rural communities.  During 2019 and onward, some 1500 women and  200 men attended  family planning “camps”.

Family Planning – July 2019

Approximately 20% of the women had significant  infections and were not able to be screened for cervical cancer.  Immediate treatment for the women was provided by IHA and “deworming” medication is being provided for young children.

Hygiene Kits enable girls to stay in school – 2018 – Stella Omuse teaching

In past years, women’s health surveys have been taken and have been an important driver of our” decision making”.  Also, we have delivered numerous  hygiene kits for young women to keep them in school.  IHA has led classes on the kits at most schools (see above picture).  Please help us to expand this program.

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH IS KEY!  Please consider a donation today to expand family planning, hygiene kits and womens health programs.  Thank you!