The number one challenge to rural communities is access to clean water.   We need your help to help them, for better health.
Women and children walk long distances to fill a five gallon jerry can.  IHA volunteers have experienced the extreme condition faced by some in getting water.  Children at God’s Grace School and surrounding families were traversing a steep, fifty to seventy-five ft. incline to draw water from an open, likely contaminated spring in a forest with numerous wildlife.

A Tricky Climb with 50 pounds of water


Would you drink from this?


IHA volunteers returned to the U.S., and raised approximately $2000 to fund the installation of a 30 ft. bore hole (well) on the premises of the school.

IHA funded well and  mark II pump                        An unexpected outcome of this collaboration is that communities now mobilize their resources to do the basic labor of drilling wells while IHA and its supporters provide funds to finish the project.  This has significantly reduced the cost of a well  and pump system.

                  MORE NEW WELLS!