Solar power has been installed in some 15 schools, two clinics and a hospital. With the installation of lighting in schools, students are able to study at night and also, the  schools are a place for community meetings.  In clinics, solar power provides adequate lighting for emergency operations and childbirth.

Funding and empowering Ugandans to install solar

Solar power was recently installed (2019) at the Paya Primary School, Tororo District and the Future Victory Primary School, Iganga District (2018).  Future Victory School houses a number of children who are either orphans or reside at the school due to the school’s distance from their home.

Laptop computers and Raspberry Pi (RPI) servers with fail safe electronics are in action.  This enables students via computers and tablets to access the KA Lite and Rachael education software. These have been installed in several rural schools.  The RPI servers create their own internet and WiFi, running on 12 volts of solar power and are single button start-up.








Robert, installing a solar USB interface and RPI